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Measuring for a neo-angle shower door is fairly easy unless the glass extends to the ceiling and there is a knee-wall.

Consider an improperly built knee-wall with out of plumb walls. If that is your situation you will have to make full sized plywood patterns to get it right.

At points B and C we marked the centerline of the curb by measuring the width of the curb and basically marking the centerline - of the curb. Where the two lines intersect that tells you where to measure.

So you get three measurement: AB, BC, CD.

Then you take a six foot level and measure how far out of plumb the walls are. Write it all down and send it off to us and we'll take it from there.

You should make the measurements accurate to 1/16". The good news is that it's not really even that critical because you can move the glass in and out on the curb to get it to line up as you install.

The height of the Neo-Angle should be whatever you want it to be, however you might think about having the top edge line up more or less with the height of a nearby door or with a grout line.
People often want the Neo-Angle to be a little higher than normal because you have to have a header, which means you have to duck under the header everytime you get in the shower. But we think Neo-Angles look good when they are tall. They are impressive. On the other hand, its a design consideration.
  Do I have to have a header?
That's a good question. Imagine if you didn't have a header. You'd have to use glass to glass hinges instead of pivots which means twice as many hinge cutouts and therefore more money. You'd have the weight of the door hanging on a glass panel which is supported only on the bottom and the far side. It would be wobbly. An inline door can be wobbly but not a neo-angle because it may be possible to wobble the door enough to get it to hit the curb and then we're back to the problem of exploding glass.

The top Picture shows how the sidelights should be mitered in a typical neo-angle. The bottom picture shows a Neo-Angle in which the door opening is too large for a single door.

If the Neo-Angle shower is medium to small sized then the shower head is probably directed right at the door. Consequently the system is likely to leak. You can minimize the leakage with vinyl. The outsinging kit combined with 5 Pivot Pins to make the door close tighter against the vinyl, will give a Neo-Angle that is about as water proof as you can get.